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The Best Protective Accessories for your Samsung Galaxy Note Mobile Phone Keeping your mobile device in a holster at all times will bring about certain benefits. A holster would be providing some much needed protection to your mobile device. A holster is a very useful accessory for both protection and carrying your smart phone around as it is able to keep all sides of your phone covered for maximum protection. A smart phone, howsoever robust it may be, is a highly sensitive device that has to be protected against collisions, scratches, falling down, dirt, dust and even the external elements. Holsters are not only practical but they also have aesthetic features. Some holsters are offered in different colors, styles and even different designs. If you were to purchase more than one holster, you could easily have one for each different occasion. Getting a holster as per your liking will also help you display your own personality. You can purchase different types of holsters to create your special collection. Holsters can be equipped to belt or purse unlike most protective cases. The smart phone will easily slide into the holster, when attached to the belt. You don't have to detach the holster from the belt when you take out your phone. All you have to do is remove the tight button on the flap. Holsters generally have a tight button to keep your phone safely tucked inside without any chances of dropping. A cell phone case also has its own advantages over a cell phone holster. The Samsung Galaxy Note case is a very good accessory because it is light, compact and provides excellent protection for your mobile phone. Generally, the holster is fixed at the place where the seat belt is and you would have to remove the phone before you could buckle the seat belt so as to be comfortable. A holster also makes it that much more difficult to just sit down and relax. Since, a holster can really only be fixed to a belt or pocket, when you try and sit down it can get difficult. Despite these differences, both holster and cases have their own importance and you will find that you can use both in different situations. There is a wide range of Samsung Galaxy Note accessories to be found that you will find an abundance of elegant and quality holsters and cases for your smart phone. Accessories are made from different materials to help add diversity among the selection. The bottom line is that both holsters and cases will help you protect your mobile phone. It is better to have something equipped than risk having your mobile phone damaged. You can even incorporate the Samsung Galaxy Note screen protector to help add extra protection to your mobile phone.